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Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendship or relationship

I was reading a short article from "YourRomanceGuide" and it had some interesting points. What struck me was this part:

"We are like a child in friendships but behave like an adult in relationships.
If you remain inside your boundaries in a relationship and not try to change it into a close friendship, you will have longer relationships. Telling all does not help in relationships

I agree and disagree here. If one tries to change the relationship then ok maybe things can go off track, however, there is a certain amount of friendship that should be apart of the relationship. How many times have you heard from couples that have been together for many years (sometimes even 40 or 50 years), say that their partner is their best friend? Personally, I believe that this friendship is really the glue that can hold a relationship together through the really rough times.

Changing a romantic relationship to a friendship-no, but being friends or becoming better friends in a romantic relationship-YES!


  1. First of all, I just discovered that you posted this. I hope that means that you'll be posting more often. So many relationship bloggers have gone MIA this past year, and I miss that network of regulars that I can trust to produced honest posts (as opposed to "for more info buy my book" posts)

    I do think that there needs to be a strong friendship between couples, but I think that women especially need to be careful that they don't mistake this for trying turn their friendship with their man into the kind of friendship that they have with their best girlfriend. Now you've got me thinking. I may delve into just why these two types of friendships to seem to grow so differently in a future post.

  2. Hi Tina, I got involved in some other things as well as life things getting in the way. I keep saying I'm going to make time to get back into R.D. again, hopefully I can soon :)

    I have come across the theme of "friend zone" becoming the worry when trying to make a solid relationship from friendship first. After some thought, I believe it to be a legit concern.

    Hopefully I can get over to your site with some regularity as you have so much to offer people :)



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