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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Singletude giveaway contest.

Win a Gift Basket from SingleEdition.com: A Singletude Contest

Elsie, of the singles blog Singltude, in partnership with SingleEdition.com, has decided to offer the possibility to win a gift basket.

I've decided to enter this contest for a few different reasons:

1. Single's have been getting a raw deal for way too long now.

Think of it this way. From the time a little girl can play with dolls, she is exposed, and somewhat primed towards her own fairytale wedding. She plays with her Barbie dolls, and of course her Ken doll in all kinds of arranged scenarios where the end result is going to be like Mom and Dad, happily married with children. She may dress as a princess, or read the story of one, where she gets saved by the handsome Prince. They then go off into the land of happiness, again married and probably with children.
I have nothing against marriage, not at all. I do however have a problem where a woman, and man for that matter, are expected to get married even if they choose to stay single. Let's face it, whether for tax purposes or political posturing, society is geared to benefit the married couple. Not married by the age of thirty? Then obviously there's something wrong with you, right? These thirty-somethings need some help on how to find that right person so they can get hitched!
The little lady of the house needs a man around to, you know, fix things and make the hard decisions. The guy of course needs a wife or else how is he going to eat or sort out his socks? Ok, maybe there's a tad bit of truth in there somewhere, but you get my point I hope. Singles can manage, and do manage, just fine on their own, even with the odds of society against them. It's time that singles are treated as equals in society, or do they have to conquer the over 50% present divorce rate here in the states in order to be equals? You tell me.

2. Singltude's author Elsie is by far one of the best writers on the net today.

Actually, I hadn't really given too much though to the hardships that singles can and do deal with until I came across Singltude. She not only got me interested in the subject, but held my attention from the very beginning with her strong writing style, research abilities and uncanny insight on the subject.

3. Attention needs to be brought to this subject.

Singltude also opened a world of other bloggers on the subject of singles that I love to read on a regular basis. Onely, Singlutionary and Dazilingly Single are just a few. Although I write about relationships, I felt that I should be part of bringing attention to a subject that is sorely in need of attention.

4. Appreciation for those, like Elsie, fighting the good fight!

I have been fighting bigotry, racism, sexism and oppression for most of my life. Being single is not a bad thing for those that want to be single and I think it's time that society realizes it. I think it's time to step up and aid those who are bringing the correct attention needed to the subject. To at least bring awareness. I can help to do that and because of my admiration for those like Elsie fighting the good fight, here I am.


  1. This was a timely post for me since I was just telling a friend of mine about a family member who has never married. The first words out of her mouth were "is he ugly?" which surprised me, because it seemed like such a weird assumption.

    The crazy part is that the main reasons why this guy plans on staying single (loves his freedom & set in his ways)are the main reasons why my friend is divorcing her husband. If her soon to be ex had the self insight as our single friend it would have saved her a lot of heartache.

  2. Bobby, thank you so much for helping me publicize the Singletude giveaway contest and promote awareness of singles issues! You consistently leave some of the most thoughtful contributions to discussion at Singletude, and I really appreciate your support! I love that there are people like you who are committed to challenging cultural assumptions about singles.

    The little lady of the house needs a man around to, you know, fix things and make the hard decisions. The guy of course needs a wife or else how is he going to eat or sort out his socks?

    LOL! The sad truth, though, is that I think there are people who really believe that. Some of them are couples who've grown so dependent on each other that they honestly can't imagine how they would do those things on their own, and that's even sadder.

  3. Hi Tina, I see the irony of the situation! There's such a long way to go to bring awareness to the simplicity of being single by choice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here :)

    Elsie, it's my pleasure really. Not enough attention is brought to this subject. I'm always willing to support a good cause and help to correct such widely viewed misconceptions about being single :)

  4. Great new blogs for me to check out.. Thank you!
    Being single sure has it's perks...I need to write a post on the many pluses of it. Sometimes marriage looks boring to me.. I just don't know lately.
    Thanks for your comment (on the poet post)... Wouldn't that be great to turn it into a screenplay. I have over 25 poems from him. We only communicate in prose! I am supposed to meet him at the center of Grand Central on August 10th, 2019...Ten years. Then the story will be complete. :)
    Hope you are doing well, Bobby.

  5. You're welcome TDG, glad that you like them.
    I look forward to your post about single's. I think the idea of a guy and a gal communicating through heartfelt poetry, then meeting at a distant point in the future sounds like a winning screen play to me. I say go for it :)

  6. Bobby -- Over at Onely, we certainly appreciate your regular readership!! We definitely agree that one doesn't need to solely write about singles issues to do good for the cause. :)

    Hey, and just FYI, we're (I'm) responding to the question you submitted for our Quirkyalone advice column right now -- should be published on Monday!


  7. You're most welcome Lisa, you guys have a great blog and really good cause!
    Hey, I never thought that you forgot about my question. I look forward to reading your answer :)

  8. Bobby! You won a copy of the book! email me at specialktreatment@gmail with your address!

  9. Wow, thank you so much Special K!! E-mail is on the way :)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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