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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kreative blogger award :)

I was given this award by one of the most creative, and super talented bloggers of all time. She also happens to be one of my all time favorite bloggers as well as a great inspiration to me. (Don't tell her that though, we don't want her head getting too big) lol. Her name is Amy and she operates amyvenezia.com. Go check her out and see what I mean!

The criteria to receive this award is to come up with seven things I love:

1. I love the smell of the air after the rain.
2. The first time you grab her hand while you're walking.
3. The way I feel after watching "Pay it forward."
4. That care free laugh that only children have.
5. The smell of fresh brewed coffee.
6. When I give good advice that helps someone.
7. Being a part of this blog community and the friends I've met.

Next, I have to pass on this award to seven blogs I love:


They're not in any particular order :)

Thanks Amy!



  1. Those are some mighty fine words you just wrote there:)

    I appreciate them so very much- they mean a lot-

    I love your blog and your spirit and all you write about-

    And your comments too:)

    Thank you again...

  2. aw shucks Amy, you're just saying this stuff 'cause it's true ;)

    All kidding aside, thank you :)

  3. OMG.... I feel so honored... thanks a lot. And tons of congratulations !!!!!! You definitely deserve this award.

  4. Thanks so much Monique! Your kreativ blog deserves its justice also :)

  5. Hi Bobby.
    I was stopping by on my usual rounds to your blog, and I'm so honored to be on your list. You're the only male that blogs about relationships that I regularly read.

    I love your list, which is rooted in why I like your blog so much. Many of the men that blog about relationships are either "bitter guys" or "Fabio bloggers" (just write what they think women want to hear). Thanks for not being either of these! It's one of the many things that makes your blog award worthy.

  6. Hi Tina, wow, thank you so much! I never knew that perspective of bitter/Fabio bloggers. I'm glad I'm neither one though :)

    Your blog/vids are on the money and a valuable tool for those that really want to learn something. You deserve many awards!

  7. You deserve the award! :) I feel so honored to be on your list too. Love your seven things but it's sort of annoying when it comes to coffee, because the taste doesn't match with the smell. I wish it is :(

  8. Thank you HSG :) Some people also feel that the smell is so much better than the taste with coffee. I don't mind, as long as the coffee is fresh.

    Anyway, enjoy the award :)

  9. You certainly deserve the award and thanks so much darling for passing it on to me. I'm blushing.

  10. Hmmm this kind of thread looks cool (^_^)
    Can I join the group Bob?

  11. Thanks so much Simone! Blush away, you deserve to :)

    Hi Jaz, sure, I'll add you right now :)

  12. Welcome to the thread, ladyinpurple. I had a great time reading your blog The Journey.

  13. Oh My Goshness! I am so late to the party! Thank you so much Bobby! I do love your blog too. I second what Tina said about it! You have a very sweet and sincere perspective which is hard to find. I think most guys write about how to impress or win a woman not how to be in a good relationship.

  14. LOL Singlutionary, no worries, I am late to many myself. You know, if I keep getting compliments like these, I'm actually going to start believing them :)

    Thank you!

  15. Bobby! We didn't know you selected us too!!! Sorry to be so late to the game (MUCH LATER THAN SINGLUTIONARY, who's SO ON THE BALL!) -- but thank you!!!!!! We are honored!

    -- Lisa and Christina

  16. Most welcome guys, and no worries, I'm sometimes late to MY OWN blog ;)

  17. Hey Bob! I'm sorry about it.
    I'll do it tomorrow.I was out since last night.
    I just got home and I'm really exhausted.
    Hope you're not mad at me (^_^)
    You'll surely be the first in line!
    Have a great weekend too (^_^)

  18. I did it today to be safe (^_^)
    Tomorrow is Sunday and I might go out again.
    Check my last post Bob

  19. lol Jazzy, it's ok, I wouldn't be mad at you, no way :)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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