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Monday, May 18, 2009

Easier talking with the opposite sex

Reading through one of Tina's comment's on a recent post of mine, it occurred to me that even though I have numerous male friends, I tend to have more open conversations with woman. I mean that I feel more at ease talking with ladies than the guys. Not about everything, but most things. It made me think:

Do most guys feel this way?
Do woman feel the same about men?
Are there any particular reasons for this?



  1. Yes- yes and yes:) lol

    For myself- I think that when you are balanced in both masculine and feminine...you have the desire and ability to connect with the opposite sex...more so than a person who has not taken the time or is not open to learning and accepting the opposite sex.

    Good ?'s:)

  2. Yes Amy, it's always good with you lol. I think you make mucho sense and it sounds feasible to me. In other words, I'm in touch with my feminine side I'm guessing.

  3. It's wonderful that you can relate to women so well. I think that a good 75% of the "nice guys" can speak to women very comfortably, which gives them a good understanding of how women want to be treated. (the other 25% are just trained very well).

  4. I think it's easier to talk to women about anything, just because :)

  5. Tina, I must say that one day your comment will be famous :)

    Well HSG, just because seems like a good reason to me lol

    Thanks guys :)

  6. Most of my friends are women but that is because I find the (straight) male/female friendship difficult. But there are some men who I have felt really comfortable talking to and there are particular things which I would prefer to talk to men about because I feel like most of the women I know wouldn't understand. Bobbyboy, you might be in touch with your feminine side but I think I am in touch with my masculine side! I'd love to have more men in my life.

  7. hmm I find the male/female friendships quite easy to have, and almost immediate in most cases (my case). With communication, I see you understand me finding it easier with the opposite sex. You just gave me an idea for a post :)


  8. The men I befriend tend to enjoy the sort of conversation that is stereotyped as "feminine"--conversation about feelings, interpersonal relationships, and other topics that seem to be verboten in sports bars and gyms--so there's not a lot of difference in comfort level. What I've noticed, though, is that the guys I've been friends with tend to fade away when they find romantic partners much more easily than my female friends do. This has made me reluctant to cultivate more friendships with men.

  9. Elsie, that's something I have never heard before! It almost has a kind of meaning that guys can be on the same page with what a woman wants to discuss, but maybe it only means that he is trying to figure out how to understand woman better so that he can hook up? I wish there were stats or discussion about this somewhere.

  10. I can't speak for men. But I do know that I've always had a lot of male friends and I talk with them about everything. Including some things I don't bring up with my female friends.

  11. I think I do the same with the ladies Simone. Thank you!

  12. Hi BB! Zel here, white_lotus! Remember? Well, I really feel more comfortable talking with opposite sex! Maybe because, I feel like, nothing can shake them. Like if I said something not so good, they wouldn't be surprised. Well, just my opinion! hehe..

  13. Hiya Zel, nice to see you here :) I think I understand because guys maybe can hear things not so good easier than woman? Maybe used to hearing some things.
    Thanks for passing by!



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