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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sexual vampires!

I have never felt so wanted, yearned for, desired like these woman make me feel!

Janessa S

2 hours ago
Hi Handsom. Wanna chat on msn i m? I M me my ID is SWEETSUGAR387

Thee One and Only!

an hour ago
wow. what a long monday i have had. im soo bored. plz msg me on msn, my sn is on my pic!

Diane B

an hour ago
Hello i am interested in talking to you and maybe meeting. Message me on msn i m its CANDYSWEETS88 hope to hear from you soon!

Jeniffer H

Thanks for the add! Enjoyed the slideshow,Hope you all had a good 4th!

Krystal J

Hola, so are you ok to group up and have a good time? I barely log on Tagged, but if you send a msg to me on my MSN, devious25party@hotmail.com I'll flirt with you

Lori A

if youd wanna take a girl out to party? hello, guy, im new to frdster, dont have much time here, usually im here dancing in the salon in your city. im always like to meet cute guys here. if u are interested gonna my profile and see where i am. i hope i can chat online with u, you can pick up my information.

Serena J


It sure was with great interest that I read your ¡Profile¢ here.
Well, this is just a brief note to attempt to establish some
communication that, hopefully, could result in our getting to know each
I must confess that I tend to be rather shy - and therefore feel a
little silly at this effort. On the other hand, with your ad having
caught my attention the way it did, I just couldn¢t resist an
opportunity to communicate with you. At this point, I¢m only listening
to my inner voice/natural instincts - in anticipation of a possibility
to get to know some very pleasant/sweet person out there - even if on a
casual basis. I sincerely pray for the opportunity to establish a
lasting communication and/or friendship out of this - and hopefully to
get to meet you some day. I¢ll be sure to make the time to keep the
communication lines open, and ultimately, to also make the time to meet
you whenever you are able to.

IM ME HERE:Serenajessy_111@yahoo.com

Serena Jessy...

Mary smith

Hello Handsome
I have read your profile and I will like to get to know more of you but first I will like to describe myself! It is very hard to describe myself because we see only one side of us and usually the best one I think so. I am usual woman with a lot of dreams. I am not looking for Mr Perfect or a millionaire. I am not searching easy life either because life is never easy I know, I am not interested in pen pals and game-players. I need someone who is tired of being alone, someone who wants to love and to be loved. Someone who knows how to treat a woman, a true gentle man. Someone who is not afraid of young and attractive woman. Someone who knows what he wants. Someone who does not want to settle for the less and always looks for more. Someone who loves kissing and cuddling. Someone who loves a warm bed and a sexy woman in it. What I'm seeking for? a long term relationship that could lead to marriage, someone that could bring out the best in me, someone that I can trust, a man that will listen to me when I need he, a man i can give my heart to, someone honest, someone that will not lie to me, someone that will there, for me when I need him, someone that we would both appreciate our high moral standards, respect ourselves the way we respect our self's. Someone that would love me as if each day is our last day together and that would be by my sides as if each day is our last day together. Moreover i would love you to contact me to my direct private mail marya00001@yahoo.com Or talk2cute1981@gmail.com I will send you more pics of me because they haven't approved my pics yet...And also tell me a little more about yourself and more pics..I am waiting to read from you there.. Reply to: marya00001@yahoo.com Or talk2cute1981@gmail.com Load of Love

Mary smith

I got a million of 'em folks!



  1. bobby you are spending too much time on the computer...lol


  2. hahaha it would be a lot less if these vultures would leave my comments and messages alone ;)

  3. When a woman hears a man is single...is she more likely to pounce like this? In many ways, you having a blog around being single is like an advertisement, although not intentional? Is this a gender thing? Most people who read blogs about being single are women perhaps? Do we feel the social stigma of being single more acutely perhaps thus write and read abut being single?

  4. Hi Special K,
    I don't know what the criteria is for these vampires, only the money angle I'm sure of. I don't think they are drawn to my blog because the website I got these from doesn't have a link back to my blog.
    I should point out in all fairness that my blog is centered around relationships, not being single, although that may be even more of an attraction? I do think it's geared more towards men (mostly from woman) however.

    Thanks for the insight :)

  5. I don't know, I've gotten vampirish, ill-spelled messages from men just like these--not on our blog but when I had a Match account.


  6. I totally understand what you mean CC, I have belonged to dating/pen pal sites for many years myself. I get these messages there also. We can and do get them just about anywhere.

  7. LOL, if you send a message to my email@email.com I will flirt with you? What is that???

  8. You know Riza, men must be replying or these vampires would stop, right? :)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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