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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Race relations

I think I may have fooled you with the title. When I say race relations, I mean it in a relationship way-romantic. You probably figured that out already, didn't you? Well, I also mean physical characteristics, or "Looks" of a person. It doesn't have to be different races, but the title "Race relations" sounded better to me so I used it. Didn't know that though, did you?

I've probably heard most preferences that guys have when it comes to the looks of a woman. Big-small, dark-light skinned, blond-brunette-redhead, African American, Asian, white, Spanish, Indian, short-tall, lean-muscular-you name it, I've probably heard it. Then there's one that I hear once in a while that I must admit I fall into-WOMAN! Yep, I admit it, I like woman.

After hearing the preferences that some guys at work had when it came to the fairer sex, I admit that I thought about what my preferences were. Sound shallow? Of course it's not. Truth be told, we all have them.

I mulled it over in my head and realized that I can, at any given time, like any one of the previous mentioned characteristics and many times a combination of two or more. I like woman.

"Bobby, you have traveled to South East Asia many times, specifically Thailand, so you must like Asian woman, right?" You're damn skippy I do! "So, you prefer Asian woman then?" Um, no not quite. I like woman.

I'm not a dating machine, but the few woman I've had relationships with had one constant thing in common, they were woman. Dark hair, blond hair, Spanish, Italian etc. It came down to who they were, yes, I said who they were that was the deciding factor, not what color they were or how tall. I'm strange that way I guess.

The moral here is that if a lady and myself get along well, have some things in common and are looking for possibilities, we can hook up. The physical attraction can be built on if not already there. Can she have blond hair? Sure. What if she's tall and Asian? Fine by me. What if she's a bit over-weight or a bit under-weight? No worries. The important things are above in red. There are other things that are important also, and I've blogged about them, but we're talking physical attraction here.

So, do you have any preferences?



  1. My only preference is that he has a pulse!

  2. Queen, maybe you should try not to be so picky? lol

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I thought I was the odd one, never have any preferences :)

  4. Wow, so far HSG, you and Queen have no preferences. Maybe the Brad Pitts out there better start to worry? lol

  5. My preferences depend on the context and the person, for sure. Heartbeat is good. :)

    -- L

  6. hahaha I agree L, a heartbeat is a must ;)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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