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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big boobs, small boobs-big butts, small butts.

Did you ever hear any of these phrases?

"Hey, look at the set of T*ts on that!"
"Nah man, she's gotta have knockers, big ones."
"Hell, I'd hit that!"

Chances are if you're a lady you didn't. But, you might have heard:

"Hey baby, shake it, don't break it."
"I better call heaven 'cause their missing an angel."
"Hey baby, don't hurt yourself."

I think woman know that men are visual creatures. We size woman up by appearance. I'm not saying it's right or wrong-it just is. I believe that it's ok to compliment a lady, but tastefully. Although many men would say that they would love the attention of woman, would they like cat calls?

Imagine a guy with a good body getting gawked at by just about every woman that he comes across. Getting cat calls, many sexual in nature, as though all the woman care about is doing him. Sure, for a little while it may feel good to get that kind of attention, but what about everyday? Everywhere you go, even when you're having a bad day? How would we guys feel if we knew that almost any lady that talked to us, or looked at us, was looking not at us, not talking to us, but to a piece of meat?

I have friends who seem obsessed with giving compliments of all kinds to just about any lady that passes their way. I see the frustration in the eyes of some of these ladies. If I can clearly see the woman's frustration, can't my friends as well? Maybe they just don't care or are proving some kind of manly thing to someone? Maybe, just like kryptonite feeds superman's weakness, the lack of saying something weakens a man's ego?

This is one of those situations where common sense comes into play. Where, I believe, we should put ourselves in woman's shoes and walk a mile.

I just don't think woman appreciate cat calls the way men seem to think they do. Am I wrong here?



  1. Ever heard of turrets syndrome? I think it is the same with why guys do this even though they can visually see the disgust on women's faces and feel it in their responses...

    Involuntary... :)

  2. Actually Amy, I think you're doing a dis-service to a tourette sufferer, they would stop if they could.

  3. Well this is true- but at the same time it is involuntary- as is the thoughts a man has towards a woman- the voluntary part is what they allow to come out of their mouths...the men that is.

    I would never mean to do a "dis-service" to anyone... so my spologies if it was taken in that light.

  4. I agree Amy.

    Actually, I was being sarcastic when I said, "Actually Amy, I think you're doing a dis-service to a tourette sufferer, they would stop if they could."

    I know you had no bad intentions towards those with Tourettes syndrome. By my comment, I was trying to say that the Tourette people were being done a dis-service by being compared to these jimbrony's, that they were higher in the food chain.

    I think I need to work on my written sarcasm. Hey, I'm no Amy you know! ;)

  5. no you don't! i have just had one of those days:) and when i read it - i thought to myself that it was not very PC of me to say that...

    so true though as to your point with that!

    i am usually the queen of sarcasm- just having an off day:)

  6. Ok Amy, fair enough. I'll just hope that your day gets much better :)

  7. I thought you would have the answer :P I guess some men just don't care, and maybe it's addicting to get the attention that way.

  8. Hi HSG, for me I do have the answer. I found out from seeing woman's reactions and asking them, what they think about it. Most don't like it, so I don't do it, simple :)

  9. I always wonder why men cat call, I guess it's ego because they only do it in a group. I have always thought it would be funny to turn the tables. Saturday Night Live did a skit with female construction workers calling out to the men passing by, it was hilarious.

  10. Hi Tina,

    I think you hit the nail on the head-EGO! And you're right, it's usually in groups.
    I saw that skit and laughed my butt off :)

    Good to see you again!

  11. For me, as a woman, it's kind of intimidating to get a wolf whistle on the street. I'm not sure how to respond or whether I even should respond. It's definitely not a turn-on.

  12. I think many woman feel the same Elsie. As a man, I can only really get feedback from ladies on this, but I can also see how the respect issue comes into it and use it!


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