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Monday, February 23, 2009

Why I don't date

Ok, it's not that I would never date as though it was a complete taboo, but I feel much more comfortable, and sensible, going about things a little differently. Let me be clear here though, I have nothing against those who date.

I have found through the years that on dates, if we are really sincere about hooking up with the right person, it's about getting to know the other person and compatibility. This is why I'm a big believer in, The Bobby system of non-dating dating. Sounds cool, huh?

I have met my girlfriends from hanging out in a friendship way. We would be at a place with other friends, and with no pressure of dating, our eyes would meet and our interests peek. We would talk, dance and have fun, no pressure.

At the close of the social gathering, either she or I would suggest possibly seeing one another again at another get together, a get together of friends, no pressure.

This is by no means the idea of the century, and it's not my original idea either, but I can personally attest to the comfortability of it. That, and the whole premise of a date-getting to know one another and compatibility.

Anyway, this is why I don't date per se.



  1. That's why a guy should have a lot of ladies friend, because in turn she also has friends that might be interesting :)

  2. That's actually a point that I didn't realize HSG, thank you :)

  3. Hmm..well, i dont date coz my lover is not available at the moment, LOL. hey, i re-linked you at http://rizawritten.blogspot.com..no need to change links tho. :)

  4. Yes this is much better than all that dating B.S.

    Also more respectful because then you don't fall into the trite preconceived rolls that each sex (if you're talking man-woman) falls into on a "date". . . man pays, blah blah. . .

  5. Thanks CC. I think with dating sometimes, non-conventional should be looked into more often.

  6. Hey Riza, hahaha good reason...ok, link is noted :)

  7. I love the friends first approach and only wish that more men approved of it. So many are in a rush to move on to "the good stuff." It's hard to find those who are willing to take it slow, and yet so much heartache can be saved by doing just that.

  8. Saving heartache is a big plus with me Else! I have been slowly putting together a relaxing dating guide of sorts :)

  9. I like your method a lot. There is definitely something to be said for getting to know someone without all the pressure of a "first date". You feel a lot freer to be yourself in that kind of situation too.

  10. I agree with you that I don't date and yes you need to keep girls like that. I call them friends with benefits.


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