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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm sexy!

There are many facets to attraction as we all know, and there's one part, a major part, that sometimes can't be so clearly defined-sexy!

From time to time through the years while at a gathering with a lot of people, I would hear something like, "Yeah, she's alright. Not the most pretty though." from one of my friends about a lady that would interest me. I have come to learn about myself that, from remarks like these, that I am more attracted to sexy than pretty. At least by other people's standards.

These ladies through the years that I have found sexy, I have also found pretty. So I guess there is some difference between sexy and pretty for some, but, like me, not for others.

I'm into sexy, which is also a part of who the lady is. Maybe the way she is confident, uses her eyes while talking, flirts with her own special flare and style. Yeah, I'm all about sexy.

To para-phrase Forrest Gump, "Pretty is what sexy does!"



  1. Hmmm. I think sexy is a pretty subjective thing. Most people can agree on what is "pretty" but even that has a subjective element.

  2. Exactly SG, I can't agree more hence, "Yeah, she's alright. Not the most pretty though." Didn't really mean much to me :)

  3. jajajajaja LOL all I can say is "You're really a man"

  4. Oh Bobby, your friends' comments make me so unhappy. Why do men always rank women like that? I even had a male friend of mine rank me, to my face, in comparison to a group of women (He said I came out near the top, and I was supposed to be flattered. I was like like, gee, thanks, why don't you just butter me up and throw me on the barbie because I feel like a piece of meat.) I don't think I have ever, ever, ever expressed interest in a guy and had my girlfriends say, "But he's not so good looking." And not because I always choose typically good-looking guys, but because women tend to automatically focus on someone's "aura" (which is what I think you are talking about) as opposed to their pure physicality. You seem a progressive type--I'm curious as to whether you engaged your friends on this topic, explaining to them what attracts you to women who don't meet their conventional (read: Cosmo) standards of pretty, or in guy circles is that kind of dialog not "done"? I really don't know. --Christina

  5. Hi Christina, thanks so much for this insight!

    There is so much I can write about what you've said (maybe I will one day), that it would fill a book.
    Men are indeed very visual by nature. I can't tell you how many times a lady walks by a group, or couple, of guys and things like, "Damn, look at that", "Holy shit, I'd bang the hell out of her", "Wow, look at that ass" and many other comments of the like are said.

    I do believe physical attraction is normal and fine, but I also believe that woman have a better outlook on the person when it comes to relationships.

    I'm not saying all of this is complete and across the board, but on average it is.

    Men will always rate woman I think, but until the mindset of relationships is changed,IE respect, honesty, loving the person (not the body) etc, there will continue to be that "Meat market" mentality.

  6. Thanks Bobby--I wonder if also machism plays into it, you know, impressing their friends with their virility (or aspired virility, as the case may be!)

    Looking forward to your book! = ) = )

  7. Hi CC, I absolutely believe that "Machismo" plays a fairly large role. I mean, look at those stupid bets that are made at a ladies expense (I can get in her pants before you can) (I'll have her number before the night is out)- machismo.


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