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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The battle of self

We have all been through the wonder years of lower school where we worry about fitting in. Kids can be very cruel in their adolescent years.

There is a TV show called made that centers around younger adults who want to fulfill a dream they have. One may want to be a rock singer, or hip hop dancer, sports player or DJ. They meet a person in the business that trains them from scratch as the kid usually has no training, just desire.

These kids are scared out of their minds and many times break down and question themselves, especially that they will be performing their new found craft in from of their whole school.

Many times these kids are considered nerds and not even noticed much by the other kids. They have low self esteem that during the course of their training, they have to build and conquer. It always amazes me how these kids end up conquering their fears. They realize after they perform that they are more accepted, liked and have so much more confidence to move ahead in life.

I say to myself that I wish I could have the courage to overcome some of my fears in the same way that these young people do. I have a great deal of admiration for them and also realize that I need to face my challenges in life much the same way they do.

By their courage, trials and tribulations, I find my self believing that I too can accomplish what I may think that I can not.



  1. The good news is, it's like any other skills, it can be learned... .I think so :)

  2. HSG, you and I believe very similar, almost anything can be learned-if we want ti learn :)



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