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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tool academy

We all know about the reality show craze ever since the show, "Real word" started I guess. These shows are all over the place. One of them, called tool academy, I simply get a kick out of.

A bunch of guys, all players, went to a place under the premise of competing to see who the main man really was, the top dog, you know-the mack Daddy of all time. They strutted their stuff in front of a bunch of cheering gals and were told to go inside the building to meet the ladies of the show-the judges as it were.

They get inside and are told the rules of the game and that the winner will receive 100,000 dollars. Oh man, these guys were pumped! Then the MC of the program asked the ladies to come out and meet the guys. The guys, many topless showing off their muscles and sweating from the show they did for the other ladies outside, stood there, chests out and ready. Then it happened-in walked all of their GIRLFRIENDS!

Man, you talk about a bunch of really confused looking guys lol. They were then told that they were all tools (a tool here means a dick head), and that they would have to prove themselves, through competition, until the last man was standing and he would receive the money and no longer be a tool. They all had to change their playboy ways and learn to treat their ladies like, well ladies.

To be continued...



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