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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that inspire

A painter is inspired by a scene or a writer by an experience. A romantic is inspired by a a newly fallen rain, and the lover by the touch or the simple gesture. We all have those things which inspire us, move us to be inspired or even inspire others.

I also am inspired by many things and I find that most are simple; the little things.

A child who laughs hardily when tickled, not a worry in the world, just the moment at hand-the laughter.

An athlete who runs a raise with an artificial leg, no excuses, just runs.

A couple married 60 years and still act like they are dating.

The very witty and well written posts of Amy from mybedroomblog.blogspot

The honesty and stick-to-it attitude of Jessica from allabouthabits.com

There are many things that inspire me and I have found one thing to be true, all these things inspire me to be better at what I endeavor, and more importantly, to be a better me. I find the through the years I consciously look for that inspiration, for that better me.

I wonder, what inspires you?



  1. You know... I was having a crappy day until I just came on here and read this... Thank you:)

    Love the new site- I promise I will update it on my blog by tonight~

    Almost made my headache go away:)...

    So right now? Some Advil would inspire me~

  2. You're welcome Amy :)

    I hope you find the inspiration that you seek in Advil-lord knows I have in the past lol

  3. My mom for her hard work ethic, kids for their laughters and lights in their eyes, and online friends, including you, for openness and sharing thoughts, and how we can improve ourself. It's hard to find like minded people in real life.

  4. Thanks Jess, great feedback and I agree. I make a point of trying to inspire myself everyday. I just got inspired now ^_^


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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