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Monday, January 19, 2009



FLIRT; to behave amorously without serious intent
b: to show superficial or casual interest or liking <flirted with the idea>.

There are other definitions, but this one is the more appropriate for this post.

Flirting is part of our makeup and a natural thing to do when we encounter a person that we are attracted to. We may flirt just in passing with someone at the store, sporting event or with a neighbor. Maybe we'll flirt for fun in a kidding way with a friend. We may flirt in a more serious way to feel out if someone is as interested in us as we in them. These days, we even flirt online with winks and our words.

Whether we flirt for fun, in passing or with a more serious agenda, although a natural thing to do, there does seem to be a science to it. I watch people flirt all the time and have a genuine admiration for their ability to just let it roll off their tongues.

Although I fall into all of this and flirt like everyone else, I have never had the ability to do it well. I guess that I am shy and a bit intimidated around the opposite sex has something to do with it, but I think it has more to do with who I am and how I inter-react with others.

I guess what I mean by this is, for example, there are guys who have no trouble asking a lady if she wants a drink or to dance, whereas I never initiate these things. It's more a natural thing to some, but not to me. It's the way I interact with others, or don't, that defines me as who I am. It's not necessarily a good or bad thing, it just is.

Have you ever thought about your way of flirting and do you find that you have boundaries with it?


  1. I never flirt,but people seems to think I do, lol. I may flirt once but that's because I want to say nice things about the guy just for fun =)

  2. Well healthygirl, I guess you do flirt then. I agree that flirting is fun :)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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