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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Building a wall of baggage

Sometimes my way of thinking is very clear. If I put my hand on fire and get burned, I've learned not to do that again because I've learned the result is going to be bad, painful.

I can walk over to a lady at a club and ask if she would like to dance. She and her friends can laugh in my face or otherwise make it a painful experience. I have learned that rejection doesn't feel good, painful.

I believe that through the years of experiences we have in the dating world, along with positive experiences, brings baggage. Or more aptly said, negative baggage.

Let's face it, we've all had some bad experiences in the dating/relationship world. Maybe we've been cheated on, dumped, humiliated, lied to-whatever.

After enough times of being made to feel like dirt, it's perfectly normal to put our guard up. It's when we defend ourselves against a situation with a new prospect, and quite possibly the perfect one for us, that we've built a wall of baggage.

I think we need to throw that baggage out like so much garbage. It gets in our way and works against us. We should learn from our experiences, yes, but not allow those bad experiences to have so much power over us that we can ruin a good thing.

No, let's learn from our experiences, but throw out, brick by brick if need be, that wall of baggage. Relationships can be hard enough to find and cultivate, why carry extra baggage to make our chances that much worse?

Everyone deserves a good relationship, let's up our chances by taking out the garbage!



  1. I love this and needed the little reminder today! Thank you for that... it is the only way Bobbyboy. Have to take out the trash everyday...

    Great post!

  2. Happy to hear that Amy! I think I wrote it as a reminder to me too lol

  3. very well said bobby!



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