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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A workable dating environment.

As we all journey along trying to find an ideal partner for our lives, we encounter many solutions to the many problems that we come across. We seek advice from friends or colleagues, read some books, or maybe blog our way through to the solutions, that hopefully, will work for us. There are many ways to find solutions to our relationship problems, although admittedly, there is so much advice that it can become at times, over whelming. This is why I always try to keep things simple (Simple is as simple does), at least in my case. So, I’d like to share an experience that I had, well many of them, and see what you think about these experiences for an easier dating situation.

In my travels to South East Asia, Thailand in particular, I found a culture that is so much more comfortable for the confidence deficient like myself, when it comes to meeting ladies. I’m not talking about those areas in Thailand where a guy can go, smile at a hot lady and that is the signal for her to come over to him. No, that’s a different part of the culture that was created for foreigners who are looking for sex. I’m talking about social situations where a lady might be interested in a guy, and visa versa, for a long lasting relationship.

Here’s the basic idea. A guy attends a party or is at a club, or maybe even a restaurant. Among all the people there, he notices a lady that interests him. He is way too shy to approach her, but keeps looking her way. She picks up on this (We know how good you ladies are at picking up on things, right?), and here’s where things get set into motion.

She smiles at him, and here’s the key, he smiles back at her. Believe it or not, he just made his move. Cool, huh? At some point in the very near future, a Thai lady (one of the friends of the lady he's interested in) will approach him. She’ll put out her hand and introduce herself to him. After a small bit of chit chat, she’ll tell him that she’s sitting with her friends at the table over there. She’ll find out if he thinks her friend in the pink blouse at the table is cute or not. If he say yes, she’ll either invite her friend over to where he is or invite him over to where she is. If he is still shy, the friend will even lighten up the situation with jokes and things to make him feel more comfortable. To a shy guy, this is a beautiful thing indeed!

Thailand is known as the land of smiles because the smile can, and does, mean many different things, this aside from the fact that Thai people smile a lot. So in essence, they use a “go between”, kind of like kids do in grammar school, remember? It’s a simple concept and I know it’s not exclusive to Thailand, but it’s a lot more common there and really, I think it makes a lot of sense. Hey, anything that can bring people together in a positive way always makes sense to me.


  1. I know if I am out and I notice a guy is looking at me and I smile at him? This means I am taking it to the next level- basically that is my little invitation:) Great post!

  2. Hi AMS!

    Seems you have the cultural advantage right here at home :)

    Thank you!

  3. A friend threw a series of parties last year with this set-up as a core rule. Everyone had to bring a wing-man/woman and that person was responsible for doing the intros. It went really well and was a great way to break the ice. Maybe we should've had you promoting the events.

  4. Hi Singlegirl,
    That's music to my ears. Maybe instead of speed dating events, we should have wingman dating events lol

    But I couldn't promote them, I'm the shy guy remember? :)

    Great comment!

  5. One of the best things to take from this is the SMILE! I tell all of my clients to smile. When we smile we are all so much more attractive!


  6. Smile is contageous. When I smile I just want to say hello. Nice write-up friend...keep it up!

  7. Hey Joyce, then keep on smiling! :)
    Thank you.

  8. So simple :) Why just Thai, why don't people smile alot? :))

  9. Hi Jessica, well not just Thai people of course, but they do smile a lot :)

    Maybe all of us should do that!

  10. If all it takes is a smile, I'm in there! Now, I just gotta get to Thailand! hehe...

  11. LOL Lisa, ok maybe more than a smile, but it's a start :)

  12. Myyyy Because of my smile that make you to come to thailand? then u have to come again hahaha *Smiling Smiling*

  13. lol BlogPrincess, if I've met you already, it's probably true :)



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