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Friday, November 7, 2008

My friend says-cheating

That a guy cheats because it's natural for him to do so. He says that even for the average guy who is faithful to his partner, has a hard time not cheating when he is around hot "Chicks." He ended up calling this naturalness, "The man gene." When asked further about the man gene, he basically defined the reasons as:

1.Because men throughout time were so dominant and the leaders of the family (In charge) and had all the power, even legally in societies, this gave him the right to cheat and became inherent to his being. It was also passed on to his male children.

2.Men are very visual (It's in their genes). Their sexual desire, for the most part, is an immediate response based from what he sees. Because of reason 1 above, he could act on this desire without worry. It has become ingrained in every man. Woman, are not as visual and as such, are not as immediate in their sexual desire. Reason 1 above helped to repress any part of a visual response that the woman may have had.

In essence, he believes it's a mans right to cheat on his partner.

What do you think about this?


  1. I think he just has not found the right women yet, you know the one with the knowledge of how to keep him captivated...lol


  2. Oh yeah, you mean every man's dream ;)

    Great comment!

  3. I think we ladies failed to understand that men have testosterones which effect things differently. But that doesn't excuse the bad behavior of cheating. Honesty and understanding is the key.

  4. "Honesty and understanding is the key."

    Something so simple, yet so hard for so many to understand :(

    Thanks Jess!

  5. I disagree. Saying men are hard wired to cheat is like saying women are hard wired to want to be mothers. Both are generalizations and both are flawed. I do believe there are men who are chronic cheaters just as there are women who are, but I think that has more to do with character and values than being sexual or visual creatures.

  6. OK - I fear I'm going to get some flack for this but...
    I don't really believe that most people (men and women) are capable of being both monogamous and happy at the same time. I am a huge proponent of open relationships. I believe that, yeah, most guys want to add some extra play with additional women into their lives. And you know what - so do most women. Our culture tells us this is wrong so we ignore these urges (most of the time). But if society told us it were OK to have a primary relationship and then fool around on the side we would be much happier. The key is that both partners have to want this.

  7. Hi Lisa, I disagree also for the most part. I use a wide variety of friends, male and female, for the topic, "My friend says", but love using this particular friends words for obvious reasons :)

    Singlegirl, we think very similar on some things I see. For me, I'm a proponent of, "to each their own", as long as no one is getting hurt.

    There's a blog I have linked in my favs from a woman living the open marriage lifestyle. She expresses her ideas on it very well.

    Don't worry about catching flack for your opinions SG, this is a "No flack blog" zone ;)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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