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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Helping us to help ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why, or even how there can be so many relationship blogs and websites out there in cyberspace? Why so many people are asking for advice from, what amounts to, total strangers? Is it that we don’t have the ability to reach inside ourselves and find the answers or that we have more faith in others about us than we do in ourselves? Maybe it’s easier to talk to strangers sometimes than even a trusted friend?

Let’s face it, relationships are difficult and many of us can use all the help we can get when looking into dating, confidence building, understanding the opposite sex (ok, we can use A LOT of help here), break-ups, cheating and the list goes on.

I think there are those that blog just to make money, or have that as the main agenda. Others, because they have a voice about something they care deeply about. Let’s face it; the Internet has given us an opportunity to go where no man, or woman, has gone before. It really has so much to offer so many of us.

It allows us to ask anonymously to those we believe have a better insight or experience about problems that we may not want those closest to us to know about. Not so bad, huh? Instead of having to look into the yellow pages or ask our Doctor where we can get some professional advice, we just type into goggle our query and poof, page after page of qualified individuals who offer free advice for us. However, we do have to weed through those who may not be so knowledgeable about what we need to learn as well.

As it pertains to relationship problems that we may be having, a good long and seriously honest look into ourselves is in order. So in essence I think it boils down to:

1. Know ourselves and what we want.
2. Know our potential partner and what they want.
3. Keep honest and open communication as a staple.

I know this sounds easy enough, but this can be the hardest part of helping others to help us. I know there is much more to finding good relationships, but I believe starting with these three principles will give us a strong foundation to finding the right partner for our lives.

It’s quite amazing what’s out there for us to use as tools to better our lives, but relationship blogs and websites are only as good as we allow them to be!


  1. Very well said Bobby!


  2. Good advice :) I think many minds are better than one mind. But in the end you should make your own decision.

  3. Hi MM, I tried to crunch so many ideas into a reasonably short post, thank you :)

    Hiya Jessica,
    True, and it really is great to have a lot of minds to help us make decisions :)


  4. There are people who blog to make money? Seriously - the relationship blogs that are loaded down with ads are (in my opinion) usually the worse ones out there. I like your 3 points. Really, what more can people do.

  5. Hi Singlegirl!

    hahahaha love the sarcsm ;)
    I have come across a few sites with adds that are pretty good, but overall, I can't shake the feeling that the adds are the important reason, not the content.

    Hey, I may have a 10 point kind of "Non laws of dating/relationship" coming soon lol


  6. Manslations.com is a good relationship site if you're a woman with questions about the other species. . . which I am. . . But I haven't found a (non-misogynist) site offering "advice about women" for men. It's all "advice FOR women." What's with that? Do men not need advice about us? Do they have us all sewn up already? Maybe they just THINK they do. = ) CC

  7. Hi onely, I have actually bookmarked your site, but didn't get to it yet. There, I believe are a few sites such as below that are geared that way:

    I'm sure there must be more, although I haven't checked that well yet. I agree though, more sites from that perspective couldn't hurt; or maybe they do have it all figured out? lol

    Thanks for your comment!


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