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Friday, October 24, 2008

My friend says: double standards

That a girl is a slut if she sleeps with a guy too soon, but a guy that sleeps with a girl right away is the man! He believes that a girl that holds off on having sex with a guy is a decent girl who has moral integrity. He says that it's only natural for a guy to look for sex with a girl and it's accepted as such. That when he "conquers" the girl, he is looked at in high regard from his male peers. He would only accept a girl that has sex with him in a week or less as a "Bang buddy", or at the most, a date once in a while. He wouldn't have a serious relationship with this girl and marrying her would be out of the question.

Is this type of thinking a double standard? Sure it is, but it's also quite the standard in todays society and more importantly, the accepted standard. The more woman you conquer, the more man you are, and if you regularly get laid, you are a player-a high regard indeed!

As standards are concerned, we've come a long way, just not far enough!


  1. oh man... I don't like guys like this! They are cockroach head type of humans! That is why I am so pissed to those men who are very conceited who think they can take every women to bed! lolz. I'm just fine. Don't worry sir! hehe.. Cool! Peace men!

  2. Hi islebabe!

    Yes, there are many guys like this, but the good news is that there are also guys who are not :)

    Thanks for your comment,

  3. How sad is it we still have this issue? I once read in a dating forum where a guy said that if a girl sleeps with him on the first date, he wonders if she sleeps with every guy on the first date. Like HE didn't sleep with HER on the first date too. It's okay for him but not for her? Maybe she's wondering the same thing. But you're right...not every man is like this and we have to be on the lookout for the good ones!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    It's very sad indeed, but we still have so much misinformation, mistrust, ego issues etc, which is one of the reasons that I started the "My friend says" ongoing topic.

    Thanks for your input Lisa :)

  5. Hi Bobbyboy, I really like your blog and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on mine. You have a lot of great wisdom.

    Now to my comments...I personally do not sleep with a guy right away. It takes quite some time for me to get to that place of wanting to do so. Most of the men that I have dated try to get in a committed relationship with me by the 3rd date but even then, I still do not sleep with them.

    I do agree that there are double standards. It is up to us women to begin changing them. I get really disgusted when I hear of a man sleeping with a lot of women. It turns me off and it could be a reason why I would not date them. To me when you sleep around too much, it says that you do not respect yourself. And if the sex is unprotected with many partners...ugghh

  6. Hi DD!
    Thank you for your compliment and it's a pleasure reading your blog as your real life experiences give a certain flavor not always found on blogs :)

    I agree with you, and I would also add that for the guys that have an open mind and respect for woman, to join in on changing double standards as well.

    And YES, condoms are a MUST!

    Thanks for your contribution!


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