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Friday, October 3, 2008

May-December Love Affair

*Re-posted from simplyanna's weblog (she is shutting down this site soon), but have no fear as she has another blog sassychick's world.

“May-December” is a term which refers to a relationship where one person is a lot older than the other… The term suggests that one partner is in the spring” of his or her life (“May”)…while the other?...Well, "December" is a more pleasant word than "winter" (or "end").

When we talk about this kind of relationship, the common image we conjure up in our minds is of older man with a hot young trophy wife...Like Donald Trump or Michael Douglas…or a different picture of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher…

(I tried to find the exact definition of a “hot young trophy wife...but I didn’t find it…)

In my case, “mine” (my fiancĂ©) is a lot older than me…and I can honestly say that we encountered judgments and criticisms…but if someone will take time to ask me why I choose to fall in love with him(an older man)…I can give that someone a list of my reasons…

1. Need I state the obvious?...He loves me so much and I love him that much too…

2. He is STABLE…in every aspect of life compared to my suitors who are of the same age as me…

3. He’s not afraid of the “C” word…”COMMITMENT”…unlike the young and immature men I know…

4. He’s more “experienced” compared to my male peers…(up to you how you’ll define the word “experienced”)…

5. And I’m sure the doubters and the critics will remind me to add this one…Older men come with “financial benefits”…To put it bluntly, they (critics) say the older man is only after “SEX”…and the younger woman is only after the “MONEY”….

Aside from the criticisms and the prejudices, a May-December couple also has to face the issue of “Generation Gap”… A generational difference can complicate a relationship simply because our experiences — and even our values — are shaped by the world in which we grew up….

But these things will not be a problem if there’s equality in the relationship, communication between the couple, and talk about expectations.

People may talk and try to decode the motivation behind why I and “mine” are together. But we just stayed strong and always remember that we don't have to justify our relationship to anyone.

Love comes in different forms and in different ages.

*Thank you Anna for allowing me to post this on my blog!


  1. he he..I belong to this category. What u have said is very true. There's an advantage on it. It's not that young woman are just after of money. To me, more of it is I can assure that the person is stable, mature and is not afraid of the commitment. If it is compared to young guys , there is still a big chance that they are just playing around and are not matured at all to face responsibilities.

  2. Thank you edele for your input here on this subject. I have found that there is a slightly different min set between western and eastern cultures.

    I know of some ladies that look for security for their family as a main objective of marrying a foreigner, but many more that marry from love.

    And I understand about the maturity issue for the ladies also because there seems to be a better chance for a real, long lasting commitment.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi,Boboy

    My Life,My Rule.

    Allen's darling

  4. Disregard those lousy comments. As long as you're happy with your older partner, go for it.


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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