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Sunday, September 28, 2008

As the date turns...

She's just a peice of ass! pt 2
Billy thinks to himself-What the hell. What better way to find out more about Linda? Besides, I want to spend more time with her.

Billy: I'm in, let's do it!
Charlie: That's what I'm talking about, partyyyyyyyyy!!

Charlie gets his blonde chick friend to persuade Linda to continue the party with them. Linda is a little hesitant, but has been having a good time with Billy and also wants to get to know him better. Besides she thinks, they'll be other woman there too. They arrive at blond chick's condo.

Blond chick: make yourselves comfy everyone (as she puts the music on and points to the little bar there on the side).
Charlie: (clasping his hands together) Ok, what's everyone having?
Mike: Let me help you out there sport (as he walks to the bar).

Billy sees that Linda is shy and asks her to sit down and talk. Linda enjoys this idea. They continue talking about the things they were discussing at the club.

Billy: I think you can see that my friends are into the party scene (as he and Linda look over at everyone else dancing).
Linda: yeah, they seem nice too.
Billy: yeah, they can be wild at times, but they're really a good bunch of guys.

Blond chick: anyone for in for the hot tub?
Charlie: woooo hoooo let's go, everyone into the tub.

The ladies start to take their clothes off down to their undies as they walk towards the hot tub. The guys follow doing the same.

Charlie: come on you two (talking to Billy and Linda) let's get the party in full gear!

Billy looks at Linda and then back at Charlie...

What does Billy say and do? Why?


  1. Since she seems shy, they should stay in and continue their convo. He could nicely say that he'd rather join them later but make sure to ask her how she feels about the situation. Now they have a quiter atmosphere and it'll be easier to grab her attention one on one then joining in on the party.

  2. Hi doubtful dater!

    Yes, I see Linda as shy and she and Billy liking each other. Do you think they can have a quite conversation for long in the condo with the others? Also, it seems Billy is having some peer pressure to deal with. Let's find out Sunday what happens.

    Thank you for your input doubtful :)

  3. Like, I said before ......


    If she was into it, she would have been right in there with the other girls getting ready for the tub.

    She's going to end up making excuses for leaving and he's never ever going to see her again.

    And men, wonder why they never get such a decent girl.

  4. Hi Sharon!
    Good point you make. I wonder though, could she be into it but shy because she never did this kind of thing before?
    If she does leave, I agree she'll never see any of them again.

    "And men, wonder why they never get such a decent girl."

    Ah, a topic for a whole other post lol. Let's see where Billy stands ;)


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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