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Sunday, September 21, 2008

As the date turns...

She's just a piece of ass!

ring ring ring...

Bill: hello.

Vinny: yo dude, what's up?

Bill: Hey Vin.

Vinny: Listen, me Charlie and Mike are going to the Challenge club to pick up chicks, wanna come?

Bill: Um, alright, what time?

Vinny: We're gonna meet at 10:00pm outside the club, you know where it's at right?

Bill: Yeah ok, see you guys there, later.

The boys enter the club scoping out the action. The club is packed already and it's early yet, good sign. They make their way to the bar and order some drinks.

Mike: Guys, check out the blond over there with that set of knockers, damn!

Charlie: Damn is right! I'd do things to her she never heard of!

Mike calls over the bartender and tells him to buy the girl a drink.

Charlie: Hey Vin, look at that dark skin chick over there at the end of the bar. The one with the long hair.

Vin: Hey, she's pretty hot. What do you think about her Bill? She's definitely your type of chick man.

Bill: Yeah, she's really pretty.

Meanwhile, Charlie tells the bartender to buy a drink for the dark skinned girl and tells him that it's from Bill, but Bill doesn't know. Charlie then walks over to talk the blond. After a short while, Charlie comes back to his friends.

Charlie: Vin, that blond is super hot and has two hot friends with her that want to meet you and Mike! Tonight boys is our lucky night!

The guys walk over to the ladies while the bartender brings Bill's attention to the dark skinned girl at the end of the bar. She raises her glass and smiles at Bill. Bill raises his drink and walks over to meet her.

The nights going well with dancing, drinking and a lot of laughing and flirting for the guys and the ladies. After some time, Charlie comes over to Bill...

Charlie: Billy boy, you're never gonna believe this. The blond chick and her friends have a condo near by with a hot tub and invited all of us over, including you and your chick there. What do you say man?

Bill: Charlie, this girl Linda that I've been talking too is a really cool girl man. I'm not sure she'll go for it.

Charlie: Trust me man, she'll come with us. Besides, you know once we're there, we're all getting layed!

Bill: Yeah I guess so, but what if Linda finds that she really likes me?

Charlie: Likes you? Who the hell cares? She's a hot piece of ass man. Just do her dude. I mean it's not like you're probably ever gonna see her again, right? Screw all that liking shit man, just go for it. What do you say Bill?

Billy looks over at Linda and she smiles at him. He looks back over at Charlie.
Charlie: So, what do you say?

To be continued...

Question: What does Billy do and why? Why not?


  1. I think Billy will go with Charlie. He might ask the dark Girl to come with them. Because you know his peers are coming and that's why he will come too, I think Billy don't want his friends to think that he was a big "L" or something. He don't want to hurt his pride. Well that is just my opinion. No hard feeling for men. Nice topic Bobby.

  2. Hey Chie, thank you so much for your opinion! I really like your comment about it.
    I think you have an interesting perspective on this situation, let's see what happens next week on:

    "As the date turns..."

    Have a great day Chie! :)

  3. LOL, dump the friends.

    There's nothing more bigger turn off for a girl than having to hang out with the guy she likes AND his friends that are trying too hard to get laid.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    thanks for the advice from the womans perspective. Guys will need to know this, in this case Billy.

    Stay tuned for the continuation...


  5. I don't get it....he could ask her but if she doesn't want to go, then just stay with her.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    You are absolutely right! Billy could just go with Linda somewhere else if they both want to, but there is peer pressure from Billy's friends.

    Remember, this is a bunch of guys that go out often to try and score with the ladies. Billy might be considered a wussy if he doesn't go along with the program.

    But, I think you've answered that Billy should be independent and go with Linda if she doesn't want to go.

    We'll see next time on, "As the date turns" :) Stay tuned and thanks for your comment!


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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