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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you ready for a nice guy?

Hi everyone, sorry for my absence, but I've been dealing with some things and trying to get it all together. Slowly but surely, it's all coming together.

I was watching a show this evening about a tanning salon and all the goings on involved in running/working in a salon. One employee was tanning a customer (using the spray stuff) and chatting. The employee was telling the customer about a serious relationship she was having and that it may be the big one. The customer asked her a question that blew my mind; are you ready for a nice guy?

Now, I've talked with many ladies about the attraction to bad boys and/or nice guys. I won't go into details about that now (but I have written a little about it on the blog already), but when I heard the customer ask that question, I knew that I was right all along about something.

Most ladies have told me that they are looking for a nice guy. I tend to think that although there are ladies looking for this type of guy, that the percentage of ladies looking for a bad boy is high. I have heard countless times from ladies about a guy cheating on her or treating her badly or just not being responsible in the relationship. Yet, at the time of the relationship, her AND her friends recognize the guys bad boy qualities.

I have always had the feeling, regardless of what ladies have told me, that it seems there is a period of time in most, not all, ladies dating experience that they seem to be drawn to bad boys. After a learning experience or maybe it's a period of time, they then start to really look for a good guy. There is more I can write about this, but time won't allow me at this time. I just wanted to share this idea with you all because it all became clear to me when I heard the lady ask, "
are you ready for a nice guy?"


  1. Well being ready for a nice guy is such a tricky question. But I guess we don't know when we are ready, hehe!

    Where have you been?

  2. lol thanks Chie, but if you gals don't know when you are ready, then nice guys have no chance knowing when hahaha.

    I've been around, just concentrating on a few different things here. Thanks for asking :)

    Stay well!

  3. Hi Bobby,
    I think we will know it when we already found the nice guy's. hehehe!

    It's good to know that you are back!

    Have a nice day...

  4. Yes, but how do you know that you are ready? hahaha.

    Thanks Chie,

  5. Hey Bobby -Welcome back too!
    I already have a nice guy and I can recommend all the ladies to have a nice guy over a bad boy.

  6. I'm always ready for the nice guy but the thing is the nice guys are so slow lol!

    I hope whatever keeps you busy these days are not as tough and you'll get by if you just smile :)

  7. Thanks Jade! Glad you found your nice guy :)

    Hi EG, I think nice guys can be too slow...maybe a little help from the ladies would make wonders happen?
    I may need more than a smile to help me out, but it can never hurt lol

  8. Bobby!

    Have you seen my latest blog site because I was hoping you'd be a feature author on the front!!


    http://www.find-writer.blogspot.com and let me know if you'd like to appear. You can link to your sites from it.


  9. Hi Leah,
    Yes, I saw it and it looks like a fantastic idea!
    I've been holding off my writing for a bit because of time and personal issues. When I get back to it, I know where I'll be visiting though :)

  10. Welcome back, Bobby! You were missed. :)

    Well, I know I've blogged on this subject before, but I never get tired of talking about it, so...The social psychology research evidence indicates that it's not a bad boy's bad qualities that attract women but the charm, confidence, charisma, and dominance these guys often exude. The bad boy hooks in a woman with his good qualities, and then when she's fallen for him, he yanks her out of the water and leaves her wriggling on his hook. At this point, the woman isn't enjoying the pain he's putting her through but flopping around like crazy to pull him back in the water where it was warm and safe and comfortable.

    On a personal note, speaking as a woman who was in a relationship with an abuser for far too long, this analogy really sums it up. I hated how awfully he was treating me but hung in there hoping that if I just learned to please him, he'd go back to being that guy I fell in love with. I only wish he could've remained that nice guy forever.

  11. bobbyboy, didn't you hear that nice guys always end up last???

    My take on it is that women don't really know what they want eventhough the first thing that comes into their mind is "I want a nice guy"..... and then eventually you get this "well, he was just too nice of a guy".

    Go figure.

  12. Hi Sharon, Oh yeah, I've not only heard it, but seem to be living it lol

    I think you may be the closest yet with your answer. I've posted quite a bit on forums and asked ladies about the bad boy/nice guy thing. I get a variety of answers, but I believe that it's a combination of your answer and mine; That woman want the excitement of a bad boy with the security of a nice guy.

    Thanks for the great comment Sharon, cheers!


Thanks so much for your comment and input! :)

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