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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Many who know me a while or read my blog intro know why I blog. I usually don't participate in tag, or have ads on the blog. But, I was tagged by Jessica and feel this was a good opportunity to say something.

Jessica tagged me with these rules:

Rules of play:
Write your own six word or less memoir…
post it on your blog….
Link to the person who tagged you..
Tag 5 or more bloggers…
Leave a comment on the tagged bloggers site with an invitation to play….

Cynthia, who tagged Jessica says, "My friends know me as sudden death on chain letters and chain emails! Play if you want to... and if not, that's OK."

Well, that's me also lol. I will however write a little "Memoir" about inspiration, it goes something like this.

I try to inspire myself everyday, but we all know that it's not always possible because we have our bad days. Well, when I have those days, I find myself going over to Jessica's blog http://allabouthabits.com/
Although I am not battling my weight, I still find great inspiration through Jessica's hard work ethic and dedication to reach her goal, as well as the comments she gets from other bloggers on her site.

So, thank you Jessica for having a blog that brings me the inspiration to reach my goals, whatever they may be. Ok, now the secret's out ;)

I won't tag other bloggers, but will encourage all my friends to go check out her blog, you won't be sorry!



  1. Hi Bobby,
    I've check out her blog...it is indeed very interesting.
    Oh and by the way,thanks for sharing with us your beauty secret.LOL!


  2. you're so sweet! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Jade, yes, it's a great blog! Oh? You read my beauty secret :O lol. Well, it's an easy secret to do hehe.

    hahaha thank you (as I blush now):)

  5. Hi Boboy wow congrats now that u have your own inspirations.God bless and thanks for the vote.I hope u vote everyday heehee.

  6. Thanks for the blog tip! I like the memoir in one sentence idea. It seems like quite the challenge, atl east based on my life!

  7. hey bob! how have u been doing? if u have time pls visit my blog i got latest post their..hope you will leave comment..ill appreciate it if u will thanks!

  8. You are welcome cupid, glad you enjoyed the tip :)

    Hi Marfzie, yep, I left a few posts for you lol

  9. Hi Boboy

    How are you, Long time no chat laugh...just miss you in my site..hope you will be fine..God bless

  10. thanks boboy

    Just wandering where you are >? ha ha ha okies see yah around have a nice day!


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