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Friday, April 11, 2008

Your partner’s sexuality?

I was reading one of the forums that I frequent regularly, when a young lady asked the question, “What would you do if you found out your partner was gay.” This in itself is a wonderful question that really needs to be explored further, but it brought to mind another question-What if your partner was Bi-sexual?

Some of the things that this question brought to my mind:

Would you be able to date or marry someone who was Bi-sexual?

Would you be comfortable if friends and family knew that your partner was Bi-sexual?

Would there be a greater chance of cheating by your partner as the dating pool is larger? There is always a chance that your partner could cheat on you with another, but would that chance be twice as likely if they were attracted to both sexes?

How might religious beliefs effect whether or not you would date/ marry a Bi-sexual?

Having thought about these questions a little bit, I believe I would have no problems dating/marrying a Bi-sexual as their sexuality is theirs just like my sexuality is mine. For this very reason, I wouldn’t worry about the opinions of friends and family.

I don’t know if there would be a greater chance of my partner cheating on me as I don’t know of any statistics about this. I will say that whether my partner is heterosexual or Bi-sexual, the chances of them cheating on me are probably the same; if they are inclined to cheat then they are going to cheat, if not, then they won’t.

I also believe that my belief in a higher power wouldn’t have a negative effect on my decision whether to date a Bi-sexual or not, but that’s me, what about you?


  1. I observe in the philippines that some of my countrymen married to a bisexual and i guess they don't have problem w/it they have kids some have more than 3 kids and his being gay is out in the open....so i guess in the society today.Its not surprising to find out that his end up marrying gay.

  2. I guess it doesn't matter as long as both partners have true and open communications.

  3. That's very open minded PinayLS! I love open minded societies! :)

    Hi Jessica,
    You summed up what I believe in one sentence lol.

  4. In my own opinion it doesn't matter, as long as he will never hurt me physically and emotionally. I also think that it will give us more reasons to bond with, cos we have the same interest.(like going to the mall and do boyhunting..) lol ;-)


  5. hi bobby,
    i agree with jessica, communication is really the most important thing in a relationship.if you both love each other and are comfortable with each other's sexuality...then there is no problem.

  6. Hi. i have a tag for you...


  7. Chie, great point! Loving someone is not hurting them. Oh? you would go boyhunting with your partner???? hahaha you are funny! :)

    Yes, I agree with her also. I have said for many years that communication is the key to any good relationship.

  8. Men deny their sexuality for many reasons but I think ultimately, involving someone else in that deception isn't fair.

    I once suspected a partner of mine of being gay and had I found this to be the case, in some regards it could have come as a releif in that it would have explained many previously unexplainable things but otherwise it would just create a source of discontent.

    But whether a person stays or leaves in that situation is their choice alone.

    Interesting article!

  9. Leah,
    "Men deny their sexuality for many reasons"
    This struck me right away...I'd love to know more about this :)

    I think that ex partner finally figured out for himself what his sexuality is. I have been told how hard it is to do, but it must be very difficult to figure it out while in a relationship.

    Thanks for the comment!


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