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Friday, April 4, 2008

Paying for a dating site?

I’d like to mention something that’s been on my mind lately and see if I can get some feedback from those of you with experience in this area and those of you that might just have some insight.

There are a couple of rather large dating sites that are around that are large enough to take out television ads. Television advertising is quite expensive which should give the impression that these larger sites are doing pretty well. Match and eharmony are two such sites. There are however rather large dating sites that are free and have quite a number of members looking for relationships and in my opinion, are just as serious in hooking members up with each other. Plentyoffish is one such site.

So my question is: Why do people pay to join a dating site?


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  2. I know why some people pay to join a dating site. Well my opinion that is hahaha!

    1) free dating sites can be very scary since all could join and non- verified they can all pretent to be who they want to be.
    2) paid dating sites verifies if you are real using your credit card info.
    3) some of the people joining this kind of sites are tired looking in the environment they are living and want to find somewhere else to look where they don't habe to go through the daunting process of meetin in person and being rejected in person because online they can be the fun person they want to be and rejection is not as hard as in person.

    those are just 3 reason there's more but not wanna take up all the space here... let others speak their mind too hahaha... I talk much.

  3. Why indeed people would pay to join a dating site?

    Such question provokes cumbersome answers which at the end could lead us more confuse than before. After all, why would anybody pay to look for a partner? Does it confirm the old adage that says, “Nothing comes free anymore in this world”?

    The only answer I could grasp to is that in our desperate attempt to find love we resort even to the gravest solution and that of paying to find our lifetime partner. What a very sad world we live in.

  4. Perhaps to show senses of seriousness? I don't know :)

  5. EG, very good thoughts!
    I do think though that even a paying member can be a lunatic, although I agree more of them may indeed be weeded out.
    And yes, online situations can be much more safe...and fun lol

    And don't worry about taking up too much room on this blog or talking too much, all of your thoughts are very welcome :)

    I surely hope we are not more confused after our inquiry into this question, although that is a possibility!

    You make a point that has crossed my mind as well; If we didn't pay a fee to find a partner in the usual conventional ways before, why would we pay in the cyber world?

    I'm not sure how desperate people may be that do pay a fee for a dating site, although I'm sure there are some. Honestly, I think the cyber world opened up yet another avenue for people to meet and find love. Even better is that people can find that love from many areas of the world and many different cultures-surely a good thing?

    Actually, I think you may be on to something there!

  6. HI Thank you Bobbyboy
    surprise ! yes all about my experience that i could to keep it ... some
    time the thing is part very long time it might i forgoten but all i
    was done will help me still remember all.. it and i still have that feelling :)
    even as long as ago...
    thanks you for visited my blog ... also ur blog is very nice..............

  7. thanks for your constant visits.

    anyway about your questions regarding my skins, yes i design all of them myself. but the images are from deviant art. i just play around with photoshop. it's therapeutic for me to work with images after working all day with words.

    i am glad you liked them.

    about the paid online dating sites, i believe it is a symptom of our collective problems with forging deep and genuine connections with people. for me it does not really matter, love is love no matter how one finds it.

    i hope you have found yours.



  8. Hi Thanya krap!

    Yes, you did a very good job and I'm sure you ca not forget now :)

    Always keep those great memories alive!

    Hiya Dadaism!

    Well I can see how creative you are, very good talent! ^_^

    Those who know me a long time always here me say or see me write, "Love is love!" It doesn't really matter where it comes from, as long as it's genuine!

    We agree :)

    Well, I haven't found that special someone yet, but I am not worried. When she arrives and our paths cross, it will happen ^_^

    Thank you.

  9. hmmmm...please allow my sarcasm & cynicism for this post... people pay for dating sites because...

    a. they can't get a date in real life :P
    b. they have nothing else to do with their money
    c. curiosity

  10. Michelle, sarcasm and cynicism are always welcome. There in lies an answer also.

    "a. they can't get a date in real life :P"
    Interesting, although most, if not all dating site people (paying or non paying)are the same ones that get "real" dates too ;)

    "b. they have nothing else to do with their money"

    Gee, I wish I had that option lol

    "c. curiosity"

    Really? Interesting idea!

  11. I would not pay for a date! I mean come on, If I cannot get a date from someone I was crushing on or he was crushing one me.. I dont need one..

    Dating sites are for some people! I say hey if the shoe fits wear it !

  12. Hi boboy

    Very nice post..However for me i met my hubby thru online i'm proud of it.There's nothing wrong about it but for some people i know they stoop down,people met online or from dating site.Maybe because they think..highly their self,that they are more more first class that i do/.Well for me doesn't matter as long that the result is good.I Love my hubby and i Love my life to ruin it..by listening the gossip.

    "Blogger dadaism said..."

    about the paid online dating sites, i believe it is a symptom of our collective problems with forging deep and genuine connections with people. for me it does not really matter, love is love no matter how one finds it.

    I like what she said ...yes Love is everywhere...

  13. Hi Single,
    I believe that online dating will be, if it isn't now, just as common as meeting people in social gatherings ie: clubs, bars, church, supermarkets, weddings etc.
    It seems to be yet another avenue for meeting. And yep, the shoe seems to fit for so many people already. :)

    Hi FLS,
    I actually have a number of friends that are either married or serious in a relationship that met online. I know for sure meeting online can work!

    And yes, I always say, "Love is love." :)

    Thanks for the comments all!

  14. I know people who have joined paying and non paying and the feedback is that they find the people on paying sites more serious about meeting up and going on dates, whereas those on free ones can just be fooling arond.

    That seems to be the biggest reason I've come across so far. Committment to dating.


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