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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guest authors article by Earthlingorgeous

I found this very insightful article written by blogger earthlingorgeous. You can go to the article on her site by clicking on the title, or directly to her site by clicking on her name. I want to thank earthlingorgeous for allowing me to reprint her article here!

Comfortable Silence

Silence most often than not intimidates us especially when we are used to the people around us being loud and expressive. It seems everyone is expected to speak even in utter non-sense just so we can break the ice and lose the awkwardness of the situation.

In a relationship, weather it be platonic or the other, talking seems to be a pre-requisite. When one turns silent, the other sometimes feel there is something wrong.

People need space to gather thoughts. Thinking and talking or talking while thinking doesn't work. There are times you want complete silence but that doesn’t mean you are withdrawing from communicating, but rather feeling the moment and being more perceptive. When the other is ready to communicate words will flow smoothly without the pressure or the feeling of obligation to do so.

Being a friend or a lover doesn't always have to mean you have to "report" everything in your mind or what's going on in your life. What’s more important is the presence and not the "information" you get from the other.

In a relationship, there are levels of communication, if you are on the peek or gut level of communication, spoken words are no longer relevant. A stare, a smile, or even a frown could immediately tell us what the other needs.

Comfortable silence this is a good sign in a relationship, it is when one feels happy in it rather than being threatened by it. It is not an awkward moment but a precious one.

We can do more work in the silence than we can by moving the lips and letting the mouth make a continuous noise. That interferes

with our own thinking as well as with other people. There is stillness in a thinker's mind; there is

quietness in a thinker's presence, where even words are entirely unnecessary.

Robert Beesley



  1. Hi Bobby, thanks for liking my post a lot to consider reposting it in here :) hope it helps the relationship bloggers out here :)

  2. Hi Eg!

    No, thank you for allowing me to share this with others :)

  3. Hi,boboy yes its very nice and the words is healing for the soul.hahaa i like her too.Shes not just smart but beautiful woman as well.

    And by the way,thanks for the good insight about my blogs.Wow ou are the moderator.I'm proud of you boboy.Hope someday you will find your match.

    Allen's darling


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