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Friday, March 28, 2008

Understanding the differences.

Let’s face it; men and woman are different in many ways. There are books written about that topic alone i.e.: “Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus.” Books like these are written because men and woman, it seems, understand that there are differences and possibly what they are, but not what they mean and maybe more importantly, how to deal with them. Luckily, there is good information on the web about how to better understand the opposite sex if we take a little bit of time to read up on it.

I’m not, at this time, going to try and explain other people’s views or explanations or even give mine just yet. I wrote this blog as a sort of reminder to all of us that good portions of the answers we need are already there. I may from time to time add a link here that might be of some value to us in our search.

If you know of any good links that are geared towards the understanding of the differences between the sex’s, by all means send them to me and I’ll post them here with much appreciation!


  1. As soon as I get to my own Laptop, I will send you some links! I think about this all time! LOL!! (relationship Expert Single is on the job) LOL!!!!!

  2. Thank you Single. You're due for a raise ;)

  3. I agree... it's called compromised and meeting half way... men and women think differently and we should respect that difference... nice topic.

    Hey Bobby you've been tagged and I hope you participate... this tag is for you to write down your Statement of Gratitude, see my blog for details :)

    Happy weekend! :)


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