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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Social blogging for dates?

It occurred to me while answering the question that I posed to myself, “Why do I blog”, which I’ll write about in my next article, do people blog to be social? After thinking about it for a while I decided that yes, people do blog for a social atmosphere. But then I had a thought that hadn’t occurred to me before; Do bloggers try to find dates within the blogging community? I don’t mean finding a date from a “Date blog”, I mean finding a date within the general blogging community.

This interests me because I’ve been on forums and pen pal type sites for some years now and have seen people “Hook up” so to speak, and yet, that wasn’t the purpose of the site. These sites were more general interest or cultural type sites for people of the same interests. There was an article that I read in azcentral about a guy who uses the “Myspace” blogs to find dates. Myspace is not a dating site, but more of a very large social and interest site, yet this guy found that he can use it to find dates. I’m sure he’s not the only one and there’s nothing wrong with it necessarily, but what about finding dates in blogs?

Interestingly enough, I came across this article about bloggers who met online and got married. http://zeldapinwheelbunny.blogspot.com/ and http://karlthebunny.blogspot.com/ were married by blogger real live preacher . Well, I guess this kind of answered my question. I’m sure, if there isn’t now, there will be statistics about bloggers having romantic relationships. I just hope the stats have the unintended romantic hook ups.

One thing that stood out to me when reading the adrianwarnock.com article was:

“I wonder if they may be the first of many- if nothing else it gives you a great reason to use to try and persuade those single friends of yours that they need a blog!”

I wonder how many of the bloggers we come into contact with have this concept in mind?

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