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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Public displays of affection (PDA)

So I’m watching this show on the travel channel about beaches and spring break. I love the travel channel. Not that this is important information, but a topic came up that we are all familiar with, “Public displays of affection” or PDA. It got me thinking on how I really feel about PDA and thought I’d share my opinion on the subject. And if I’m really lucky, you’ll share your views also.

Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m a pretty liberal person on many issues and this one is no different. But even the most liberal person must realize that sometimes their needs to be limits. So, that being said, let’s proceed.

I think that it is natural for couples to show affection to each other, not only in private, but also in the public arena. Holding hands for example is a milder form of showing others, including your partner that this is a special person. This is a person you care for. What about hugging? Have you ever seen a couple standing somewhere, maybe a bus station, and just hugging each other? Maybe you, as I, am guilty of this also. To me, this is completely acceptable. Truth be told, there should be more hugging in the world.

What about kissing in public? I have found that this is where the majority of opinion seems to split. Some say that a quick peck on the lips is ok, but a longer, more passionate kiss on the mouth isn’t. I have even heard some say through the years that this is disgusting? Not me. It certainly isn’t disgusting and actually, I don’t have a problem with couples kissing this way at all.

What about in a club where a couple is kissing and grinding each other on the dance floor? Well, we’re all adults in the club, so no problems here. I mean, we can choose not to look if it bothers us, right? What about the couple that are kissing and grinding in the street? I’ve seen this before and the only concern I have is whether children are around. I say this because I’m not sure what the moral value is here when it comes to children. On a beach, is it ok to allow children to watch a scantily clad couple lying on top of one another making out?

There are so many areas in this topic to be touched on as well as a vast difference of opinions. But, I guess for me, if any of it is not “in your face” or considered inappropriate when children are present, I guess I’m cool with it.

What do you think about PDA? Are there boundaries to it? Are there boundaries for you, but not for others?

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