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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's wrong with me?

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Ten very sexy and beautiful ladies walk into a room and there are five guys sitting there having a cocktail. There's music playing, a dance floor and it's Saturday night. A few of the ladies flirt with the guys and the guys do their best to get the attention of the ladies. A couple of men join the ladies table in conversation. A couple of guys start dancing with two of the other ladies and one guy and gal go outside for some fresh air. This accounts for five ladies and five guys, so what about the other five ladies?

Now picture the scenario where you go out with five of your friends on Saturday night looking to meet someone and have a good time. Four of your friends hook up, but not you. You might not think too much about it and still have a good time, right? Well, what if it happens again? And again? Well, you might feel that maybe there's something wrong with you. I mean, why didn't you hook up yet all your friends did? It has to be you, right? Let's look at this a bit more closely.

There certainly are things that many of us can do to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Good hygiene, the right attitude, proper etiquette and dressing properly for example. But does doing all these things guarantee success? Remember the first scenario I gave you with the ten sexy, beautiful ladies? Only five of them hooked up that night so there must have been something wrong with the other five, right? Wrong!!

I think most of us have felt this "What's wrong with me" feeling at some point in our dating experience and even social experiences in general. Hey, we all want to fit in, right? Well, we all do fit in and there is someone for everyone, I believe that. We may not all fit in with every crowd and may not come across our perfect half in life in the time frame that we wish to, but it exists, so don't give up hope.

The most important thing to battling this not fitting in non-sense is realizing that we just need to be ourselves and not all of us are going to fit in in all situations. Believe it or not, not everyone at those big Hollywood gatherings fit in either, yet their considered the "Beautiful people."

Other than some of the things I mentioned about appearance and etiquette, which you can easily adjust, there's nothing wrong with you and you do fit in, we all do!



  1. I think the "something's wrong with me" attitude is so prevalent among singles at least in part because talk shows, advice columns, self-help books and the like all focus on what singles can do to change themselves, as if being single were a fixable flaw or curable disease.

    It's funny. I almost called my blog "There's Nothing Wrong With You." I think more singles need to make that mantra their own.

  2. Wow Elsie, it's great to see that others have the same line of though here on this issue. The only difference I see is that you summed it up in a lot fewer words haha.

    Hopefully one day, people will start to realize that there isn't anything wrong with them and stop trying to change as though being single is, to use your words, a "curable disease"!


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