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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Relationship Digest, as you may have already concluded from the name, is a blog about relationships. Romantic, Platonic, Family, Racial, Gay, group, Singles, self-any relationship at all. It's a blog about questions just as much as it's one of answers. All on topic comments are very much appreciated, and hopefully together, we can all understand relationships better! This is the whole point of Relationship-Digest.

I am not now, or ever have belonged to the relationship expert party (yes, I stole this from the McCarthy era). I am not a guru, matchmaker, relationship expert or coach of any kind. I have respect for those that are, but I'm just journeying through in hopes of understanding relationships better, and if I can pass on some information to be helpful, all the better.

So sit back and enjoy my ramblings, thoughts, concerns and information. However, it would make my life a little brighter and this blog a little more worth while if you give your input. If you do, thank you. If you don't, then thanks for reading :)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I came across quite a few characters in my life, and at a point not long ago, felt an overwhelming desire to write about them.

My first finished short story (about 25 pages) is called, "Stuck with myself", one man's attempt at setting himself strait as to his involvement with a band of characters, not so nice guys, street thugs and those that make things happen behind the scenes of a large city-NYC.

My second short story, "The body in the courtyard" is a novel in the works, which I may tackle into a novel one day, is a sort of continuation of "Stuck with myself."

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